Photo Album

Cool Breeze Evaporative Coolers are used in a variety of different applications ranging from domestic to Commercial and Industrial applications.  We invite you to take a look at either one of the following categories to see photographs of these fantastic coolers in operation.  Below some of the pictures, the name and telephone of the dealer responsible for the installation is given. The reason for this is that we at Cool Breeze are happy to recommend these dealers to potential Cool Breeze customers as they are, as far as we can determine, reliable, honest, capable of doing top class installations, and willing to give value for money.





We are in the process of constructing a photograph album showing Cool Breeze installations. Should you have any good installation photos, and would like to see these displayed in our album, please forward them to us. As well as a general picture, please send some 'close ups' of flashing,  the water and drain connections, or anything which will indicate to us that the system is well installed. We also require details of where the system is installed, and the name and telephone number of the end user. Conventional pictures are welcome, typically a 'jumbo' size is the best for scanning. Pictures may also be sent via e-mail if you have any digital shots.