Air Group Australia, who manufacture the Cool Breeze range of units, are committed to providing the most modern and up to date coolers in the industry.  With this in mind the latest range of Cool Breeze coolers have had a number of features to provide our customers with the best Evaporative Cooler on the market today.  These features are as follows:

Cooling Pads
Evaporative Cooling pads on all the larger Cool Breeze units have an increased thickness of 100mm.  This increase in pad thickness has effectively increased the cooling efficiency of the pads to 90%.  The increased efficiency means that the same size cooler can now cool a larger area to the same temperature or could cool the same size area to cooler condition.

Newly Designed Fan Blades
Cool Breeze units already have a reputation as being ultra quiet in operation and now with the newly designed fan blades our fans ensure maximum airflow with minimum noise.

Dump Valve
Our newly designed dump valve works off mechanical principles and therefore there is no more risk of electrical fault.  A head of water is used to close the valve and when the unit is not in operation the valve remains open leaving the unit clean and dry.  All Cool Breeze units have fully integrated wash and dump cycles and this new dump valve carries out all these operations.

Magna-Sensor Float Adjustment
All Cool Breeze models now have the new magnetic float level sensor, which lets water into the system via the solenoid valve. No more sticky ball floats or rubber washers to wear.

Upgraded PC Control Boards
In the ongoing quest to manufacture Electronic control systems that provide trouble free service, Cool Breeze units have upgraded PC Control Boards that are designed by professionals utilizing the latest in electronic components.

Improved Corner posts
Corner posts on Cool Breeze are now more rigid than in the past giving a more robust Evaporative Cooler.