Cooling Pads

What makes a good cooling pad?

  • The wetted surface area of the pad to airflow ratio should be as large as possible.
  • The cooling pad should not act as a filter, as this will cause a drop in evaporative efficiency and supply airflow.
  • Pads should be able to cope with high water flow rates in order for the water to trap dust and other solids.
  • A low resistance to airflow means low power consumption.
  • Water flow down the pad should be uniform.
  • Water should adhere to the pads and not drop off and be carried into the machine.
  • Cooling pads should remain rigid, and should not sag or loose shape.
  • Pads should be treated against UV degradation and should not rot as this leads to bacterial growth and odours.

All Cool Breeze units are fitted standard with the latest high quality Evaporative Cooling pads.

Our Evaporative Cooling pads are high quality pads constructed from fluted cellulose paper sheets that have been glued and impregnated with a unique formulation that allows the pads to have a high structural integrity as well as high evaporation efficiency performance when exposed to water. 


The unique design allows for a low pressure drop across the pad whilst achieving a high cooling efficiency.  The pad is designed to be self-cleaning and will retain its rigid structure when exposed to water making it extremely durable.    Our pads are able to achieve exceptional wetting abilities to allow for optimal cooling effect in the most economic and environmentally friendly way. 

NOTE: We can supply replacement pads for all Cool Breeze coolers as well as other makes of coolers and larger pads for Wet Wall Applications.  For more information please click here to visit our Cooling Pads website.