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The only breeze sure to keep you cool and comfortable in summer, combined with a company that won't raise your temperature either!

Is COVID-19 Coronavirus Airborne?? Evaporative Cooling offers the best solution!

As COVID-19 infections increase around the world, more evidence is showing that spreading is taking place indoors and in areas of poor ventilation.  Latest studies are showing that "super-spreader" environments are being created by the recirculating of indoor air.  Evaporarative cooling offers a totally natural way of cooling air with the biggest advantage being air is never recirculated.  Outside fresh air is naturally cooled and continuesly forces stale relief air out of the cooled space.  Healthy and clean air at all times! Turn your home, office, school, shop or warehouse into a healthy environment with less chance of unhealthy viruses lingering in the air.




Air-Dale Engineering Co. (Pty) Ltd., trading as COOL BREEZE AIR CONDITIONING is well qualified to address your evaporative cooling needs. We commenced business in 1964 and have, over the years, gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. We carry a comprehensive range of the most up to date evaporative coolers. Spares for all units are readily available and we offer a free design service, which can trim hours off the time you spend preparing quotes.

Evaporative cooling is as old and wonderful as nature itself. Just experience a cool breeze of freshly cleaned air just after a rain storm and you'll know what we're talking about. Evaporative cooling has been around a long time, so in that sense, we're not selling anything new. Even the ancient Egyptians used it!

Over the last few years the design of  evaporative coolers has been greatly improved. Innovative products have enhanced the performance and lifespan of this type of cooling system and the result is that evaporative cooling is taking the market place by storm. Due to the high and maintained efficiency of our coolers, comfort conditions are easily maintained throughout the summer months in most areas of South Africa. Systems are becoming more modular, and this results in quick and easy installations. Cool Breeze systems are long lasting, and are supplied with a casing warranty of 10 years! Internal components carry a 2 year warranty. Running and maintenance costs are barely worth mentioning. These extremely well engineered units are ideal for cooling factories, warehouses, offices, commercial premises, churches, houses and many other applications.

Our prices are equally good! You simply won't find better value for your money. Evaporative coolers can provide indoor temperatures that would cost a lot more to achieve if using conventional refrigerative cooling units.  Our coolers are of the highest quality manufactured and imported from Australia.

We invite you to visit our factory as we would really like an opportunity to demonstrate these remarkable coolers.  We're situated at 10 Rautenbach Avenue in Wynberg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

We aim to please!  You'll find our products and service can't be beat!  We're honest and upfront and lead the field, having been in business since 1964!

# Last Edited 17 November 2020 #